What is winnowTag?

winnowTag is a free web app with smart tags that continuously look through a vast river of information to find stuff you’re interested in. winnowTag already filters around a million items, a few minutes to three months old, from over 8,000 blog, news, and website feeds.

How do you use winnowTag?
You can get started by using smart tags other users have shared.

You can create your own smart tags in winnowTag by giving each tag a few examples of the kind of stuff you want it to find. Then the tag automatically finds more information on that same topic.

Real time item and feed counts are displayed as you use each tag, like this:

What makes winnowTag work?
winnowTag is powered by our open source Winnow content recommendation engine.

How is winnowTag better than feed reader websites, apps and browser extensions?
With a typical feed reader, you yourself must find and add every feed you find interesting. That’s a lot of work. And the problem is, once you find enough feeds, far more items are flowing in than you can possibly keep up with using a typical feed reader.

In winnowTag, all users continuously add feeds. And winnowTag’s smart tags do the work of finding the content that’s most interesting to you.

Is winnowTag always right?
Even with smart tags you create and refine yourself, you’ll always see off-topic items. The point is, you no longer need to dig through a mountain of chaff to find good items on your topics.

Quick tour of winnowTag

Typical search engines are best at finding content that other people are interested in. winnowTag works by finding content that you’re interested in.

Begin understanding winnowTag by using public tags other users have created. Then create your own tags, to really see what winnowTag can do.

You create your own tag by tagging a few items that are examples of a topic you find interesting. You give that tag any name that’s meaningful to you. (The name you choose doesn’t affect how the tag works.)

Then, among the half million items in over 7,000 feeds during the past three months, winnowTag finds items for you. The winnowTagged items fit the topic of each tag, as defined by the examples you chose for that tag, ready for you to read at the click of a tag’s name. New items are presented as they are published.

You can read any item within winnowTag. And you can easily click out to the original item or its source.

Also, for every tag, winnowTag creates a feed of the items found by that tag. So you can read a tag’s items with any feed reader, or republish them in your own website.